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More Hilarious Helpdesk Stories

Between summer heat waves and the sheer craziness of modern life, you may need a mental break from worry and frustration. So share a chuckle with Gravity Helpdesk as we offer up a fresh batch of hilarious real-life tech helpdesk stories.

Power Problems

One IT helpdesk team struggled mightily to figure out why a server kept rebooting itself in the pre-dawn hours, before the office even opened. It wasn’t until one of the technicians came to work extra early that the cause was discovered: The overnight cleaning crew folks were unplugging the server at the same time every night so they could plug in their own equipment.

Then there was the employee who complained that he couldn’t get his computer to boot up, no matter what he tried. Was it the hard drive, or the power cord connection, or friend internal circuitry? No, it turned out to be a power outage – one that had ground business to a halt for the entire department.

The Wrong Stuff

Foreign substances and computers don’t mix. One helpdesk worker received an SOS from an employee whose computer simply wouldn’t turn on – and this time, the computer was actually plugged in and the building had power. However, on further inquiry, the employee recalled that he had spilled water into his PC. Time for a new computer!

Canned air can prove quite useful for cleaning dust out of keyboards and vents. WD-40, on the other hand, isn’t quite so useful for that purpose. So when a helpdesk technician received a complaint that a computer user’s keyboard was too oily to type on, you can guess what the problem was.

If your IT helpdesk experiences sometimes feel like a bad joke, turn that work over to our experienced team. We’ll get you smiling for the right reasons!


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