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The Problem With Retaining Senior IT Workers and Shedding Lower-Level Ones

When times get tough, businesses tighten their belts – as you may have noticed from the recent large-scale tech layoffs by Amazon, Twitter, and other major brands. Your own company may have made some tough decisions as to which technicians you must keep and which you can spare. Many businesses have responded by retaining their most experienced senior tech workers and letting the lower-level techs go. But that creates a whole new problem: tackling the routine but important work done by those laid-off individuals.

Let’s say you decide to release your entire junior tech staff. What were those workers doing? Most likely, they were handling routine tasks such as data backups and security patch installation. They were probably also manning your helpdesk, responding to a variety of Level 1 help tickets regarding lost passwords, glitchy workstations, device compatibility problems and so on. Well, these problems still need resolving, only now you have no choice but to hand them over to your senior technicians. The senior technicians then get bogged down in this low-level world, depriving you of the experience and insight you need for more advanced problems and challenges. In the end, your IT performance still suffers, plus you’re paying way too much (in terms of your senior staff’s salaries) to keep your helpdesk going.

What’s the answer? Some businesses have rehired the employees they laid off, but many others have switched to a hybrid model that combines senior in-house staff with outsourced IT helpdesk services. This model works beautifully because it eliminates the low-level help ticket burden without requiring budget-conscious businesses to spend huge sums on salaries and benefits for in-house helpdesk workers.

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