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Smart Tips for Selecting a New Outsourced Helpdesk Service

The time has come. You’ve decided that your IT department desperately needs some outside aid from an outsourced IT helpdesk service provider. The question now is: How do you select one? The following tips will help you make your decision.

Understand your total cost per ticket - You’ll want to obtain maximum value for money from its outsourced IT helpdesk service. First, however, you need to understand what your in-house helpdesk work is costing you. Divide your total current helpdesk operating cost by the number of help tickets per month or year to get a reliable estimate. You can then see whether your prospective outsourced provider might cost you more or less than that based on their quote.

Understand what you need. Do your employees need lots of help with low-level issues, including issues they can probably fix on their own? Do they prefer particular interactive options such as email, text, or online FAQ pages? Which channels can your prospective outsourced service give you, and how well do those options align with your expectations? If you must meet professional compliance standards for security and privacy, you just also make sure your provider has those standards in place.

Understand the vendor’s metrics and processes. Do your due diligence when it comes to how well your outsourced IT helpdesk provider works. What’s their FCR (first call resolution) rate? On average, how many calls does it take for the provider to resolve a help ticket? What kind of auditing system do they offer so you can follow the service’s ongoing performance? How do their techs record, track, and share information? How do the help desk agents, team leads, and managers work together? When and how does a request get escalated?

Gravity Helpdesk can answer all your questions about outsourced IT helpdesk services. Let’s talk!


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