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Don’t Fall for These Outsourced Helpdesk Myths

You may already know your IT department is falling behind. You can see the help tickets piling up, the end user complaints, the fatigue of your overburdened staff, and the various miscommunications that only make things worse. But up to now you’ve resisted the idea of going with an outsourced IT helpdesk service because of various negative statements about this form of tech support. Don’t let the following outsourced helpdesk myths cause you to deprive your organization of much-needed assistance.

“Everybody will know you’re outsourcing.” Businesses are naturally skittish about grafting an obvious third-party helpdesk to their standard customer interactions. However, the right helpdesk can represent your company just as well as your own techs can, from communicating in perfect English to providing top-class customer service.

“Outsourced services cheap out on their talent.” Some people think that just because an outsourced IT helpdesk service maintains affordable rates, it must use bottom-shelf talent. Our Gravity Helpdesk team members are educated, experienced tech problem solvers. But since they’re based in the Philippines, where tech expertise costs much less and the cost of living is much lower than the U.S., we can pass the savings on to you with no compromises in quality.

“The transition to outsourced services disrupts productivity.” Some companies fear that this transition will take a huge amount of time and effort to set up, or that precious help ticket documentation will get lost between outsourced techs and in-house staff. In reality outsourced providers use advanced documentation procedures and tools to make the shift feel as effortless as possible.

As you can see, many of the so-called objections to the use of outsourced IT helpdesk services are ill-informed or flat-out wrong. Find out the truth for yourself by contacting Gravity Helpdesk today. We’ll answer all your questions – and we think you’ll like the answers!


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