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Adopt These New Year’s IT Helpdesk Resolutions

As 2023 approaches, you may want to prepare some New Year’s Resolutions to help you boost your health, relationships, or business profitability and productivity. After all, everybody could benefit from a few positive course changes here and there – including your IT helpdesk system. Make a point of adopting the following New Year’s resolutions to enhance the efficiency of your IT helpdesk and your IT performance in general.

“I resolve to automate more of my helpdesk options.” Of course you want to provide personalized care for employees and customers struggling with complex technical problems. Even relatively low-level help tickets usually call for some degree of interaction with an experienced technician. But what about those Level 0 issues that users could resolve by themselves with a little extra guidance? Don’t tie up your IT team with these requests; instead, invest in an online knowledge base and/or automated help-help kiosk to remove this part of your tech service burden.

“I resolve to provide better helpdesk customer service.” Does your IT department receive the occasional complaint about slow help ticket resolution, inconsistent handling of tech problems, or users having to re-state their issue from scratch as they deal with multiple service techs? These problems all indicate the need for a more streamlined helpdesk system, with help ticket tracking and resolution processes that replace frustration with results. It may also mean that you need an outsourced provider who can offer 24-hour responsiveness instead of forcing users to wait hours for assistance.

“I resolve to boost morale.” IT helpdesk problems don’t just upset your business’s technology users; they also place a depressing burden on your IT department staff. If you want to retain your best people and lift overall morale by creating a more productive workplace, outsource your low-level helpdesk functions. Contact Gravity Helpdesk to learn how!

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