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Customer Helpdesk for Software Vendors and SaaS Providers

Whether you create software products for a consumer / commercial marketplace or you provide Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms for cloud-based work, your IT team faces both internal and external challenges.

They have to continue addressing the everyday technological needs and demands of your organization, but at the same time, they must stand ready to deal with whatever user issues your customers may struggle with. 

This “double trouble” can leave your technicians stretched to the breaking point, leading to substandard performance that ultimately pleases no one.

Enter Gravity Helpdesk to the rescue. Our skilled specialists can take low-level help requests off your plate, allowing your in-house staff to focus on more complex problems and those routine maintenance tasks so critical for your company’s security and performance. 

Your software users and SaaS customers will appreciate our team’s prompt response, courteous manner, efficient troubleshooting procedures, and high degree of success in resolving their problems. Along the way, we’ll be gathering important data that you can then apply toward refining your programs and creating a better and better user experience.

Are you ready to give your software and SaaS customers the high level of support they expect while freeing your own IT people to do their jobs more effectively?
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