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Embrace these Helpdesk Tech Trends

If your IT department receives a steady stream of helpdesk tickets, you understand the importance of optimizing your tools and processes. Fortunately, as technology continues to advance, so do the technological features that can help helpdesk teams do their job better. Make sure your own IT department has a chance to benefit from these advances, so consider adopting the following helpdesk tech trends.

A more customized user experience - Customers like to be treated as individuals, not help ticket numbers. They like to feel as if your team has kept tabs on their specific challenges from one call to the next. Advanced IT helpdesk documentation systems can provide (or at least simulate) that personal touch. These systems can coordinate data from different techs, sources, and help tickets to build a clearer picture of each customer’s ongoing tech journey.

Helpdesk Tech Trends

Multichannel engagement options - Different people prefer to get the help they need in different ways. For instance, the majority of helpdesk customers in one study mentioned that they would prefer more message-based interactions. Text, email, social media, phone, online kiosks – these and other communications media can all work together in a state-of-the-art IT helpdesk system.

Self-service portals - Plenty of employees and app users would just as soon fix their own problems than take the extra time to go through the troubleshooting process with a live technical assistant. Self-service portals that offer knowledge databases and automated troubleshooting processes can resolve many of these level-0 “DIY” issues.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend tons of money investing in these new technologies to make them work for your IT department. Here at Gravity Helpdesk, we already employ the latest and greatest in helpdesk hardware, software, and systems, all operated by experienced technicians. So get up to speed the easy way – by letting us do the work!

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