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As Businesses Buy More Software, Is Your SaaS Helpdesk Ready?

Even in a recession, some industries continue to enjoy steady or even increased profits. If you sell software as a Service (SaaS), then you’ll be happy to know that businesses are investing in more software this year than in previous years. Recent studies anticipate global software spending to increase from $790 billion to $879 billion over the next year. This expanded investment seems to be occurring because more and more businesses recognize the value of SaaS and other IT services as a means of saving money by boosting efficiency and productivity.


While you may embrace any and all SaaS business that comes your way in 2023, you should also take this opportunity to stop and think about what the influx in sales might mean for your helpdesk system. How well-staffed, well-trained, and well-equipped is your helpdesk team right now? If you’ve been struggling even slightly to process the volume of incoming trouble calls effectively, you’d better straighten out any kinks while you reasonably can.

A ton of new customers means a ton of low-level newbie questions about basic software setup, preferences, compatibility, and functions. As your user list continues to grow, this burden will only increase. The newbies will mature into seasoned clients with more advanced questions and problems – and you’ll want to have your senior technicians free to tackle those issues instead of getting bogged down in the basics.

That’s why you should give serious thought to hiring an outsourced IT helpdesk service like Gravity Helpdesk. Our helpdesk professionals can onboard the new arrivals and help them understand your software better right from the beginning. While we’re solving the low-level problems for these customers, your in-house techs can focus on any tougher problems that come up. Don’t wait till next year – contact us today to get ahead of this challenge!


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