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Avoid the Stress and Expense of Helpdesk Worker Overtime

How many hours do your IT technicians put in every day, week, or month? If you’re like most business owners or IT directors, the answer is “Too many.” There’s no getting around the fact that technical problems usually call for timely solutions. But if you’re working your IT staff overtime to deal with a stream of incoming low-level help tickets, you need to look at the situation and take steps to turn it around.

The average salary of an Austin, Texas tech support worker currently sits at $74,396 per year. (Benefits, experience, and other variables can obviously send that number soaring higher.) According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employees who put in more than 168 hours per workweek must receive 1.5 times their regular pay per each extra hour. So if your IT workers are regularly claiming overtime pay, you’re bleeding money. On the other hand, failing to provide proper helpdesk support can lead to expensive downtime and user errors.

 IT technicians

Don’t forget about the additional stress you may be putting your IT team through to get those help tickets knocked out after regular business hours. As we’ve mentioned before, technician burnout is a very real threat to any IT department. Your overworked, overstressed technicians may suffer from sloppy work or even throw in the towel and leave your employment altogether.

How do you avoid the financial and stress-related problems caused by frequent IT worker overtime? Outsource some or all of your low-level helpdesk tasks to Gravity Helpdesk. Our Philippines-based team can tackle help requests 24 hours a day without pulling a single hour of overtime – and even if they did work overtime, you wouldn’t have that time-and-half burden to worry about. Contact us, and find out how we can help you get back to a reasonable work schedule.

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