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Common Low-Level IT Helpdesk Issues

An IT department must stand ready to tackle all kinds of challenges. Your team might need to replace failed hardware, fix a broken network, expand a healthy network to accommodate new employees, or get involved in the planning of a whole new system. The last thing your technicians need is a constant influx of low-level questions and concerns. But, those little problems can spell big trouble for the people suffering from them. Here are some of the low-level IT helpdesk issues you must be able to address quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently.

IT Helpdesk Issues

Password problems - Not all password assistance requests start with the sentence, “I forgot my password.” The user placing the help request may simply have their Caps Lock on, for instance, so you should always check for such easily missable goof-ups. In other cases, a long-unused password or account may have expired.

Internet access issues - If your organization suffers a large-scale Internet outage, you’ll probably know about it right away. However, individual users can complain about lack of Internet access due to a WiFi glitch, server failure (on either end of the connection), failing cable, dead port, or driver problem.

Lost files - You’d be surprised how many “lost” files can be found in the good old recycle bin. If the user has emptied the recycle bin, however, you may need to restore the missing file from a previous data backup session.

Even if these issues don’t take long to resolve on their own, an enormous flood of them can distract your senior IT people from the higher-level issues only they can solve. That’s why you should hand over your low-level helpdesk tasks to the pros at Gravity Helpdesk. We focus on the stuff you’d rather not bother with so you can make proper use of your experts’ expertise. Contact us today!

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