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What Happens When Your Helpdesk Accountability Stumbles?

Your in-house IT crew works hard and tries its best to resolve a wide range of help requests, from those minor, low-level issues that require minimal assistance to higher-level problems that might get your most senior personnel involved. But of course, these professionals only have so many available work hours in a day, and that day must accommodate plenty of activities above and beyond helpdesk duties. It’s almost inevitable, then, that lapses in communication or resolution might occur among these busy technicians. Let’s look at what can happen when accountability issues fail to live up to expectations.

The most obvious problem with a lack of accountability involves uneven performance. Without a strong quality-assurance system in place, some problems will get resolved while others are left hanging. You won’t be able to improve the consistency of your IT response if you can’t measure your technicians’ performance against established expectations and procedures.

As troublesome as poor accountability may be for your IT department, your end users suffer even more. Facility employees or SaaS customers may feel that they never know what to expect when they put in a help ticket. Will the problem get resolved right away, will it drag on forever, or will it be ignored? This loss of confidence may discourage them from even calling for help at all, potentially leading them to try DIY solutions that make things infinitely worse. If you’re providing IT helpdesk services to individuals and organizations outside your own business, you can expect your helpdesk’s reputation – and by extension, that of your entire company – to take a serious hit.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about accountability issues when you outsource your IT helpdesk needs to Gravity Helpdesk. Our established systems, procedures, and protocols enable us to maintain the highest possible quality control. You can count on us!

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