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3 Ways an Outsourced IT Helpdesk Maximizes Your Technology ROI

Few acronyms mean more to any money-making enterprise than those three magic letters ROI, or return on investment. Since technology probably represents a major part of your operational budget, you want to make your IT investment pay by delivering optimal results – and an outsourced IT helpdesk service can help. Consider just three of the many ways you can boost your technology ROI by adopting this smart approach.

Pre-existing systems and processes eliminate many setup costs. Setting up your own IT helpdesk department from scratch takes money, from onboarding additional technicians to setting up any socialized equipment you might need. When you invest in an outsourced IT helpdesk plan, all of that has already been taken care of by the provider.

Faster resolution rate means lower cost per resolution. Your in-house IT staff may need to juggle helpdesk tasks with other important functions. As a result, trouble calls may suffer frequent interruptions or clumsily executed escalations, which in turn may lengthen help ticket resolution times. An outsourced IT helpdesk service that does nothing but handle low-level trouble calls doesn’t suffer from that split focus, so they can often get help tickets resolved more speedily. Since you’re paying a fixed fee, not by the trouble call, faster resolution rates should yield more resolutions for your money.

SLAs help you set expectations and evaluate performance. The service level agreement (SLA) you enter into with your outsourced IT helpdesk will establish a clear set of expectations and guidelines for what you can expect from the provider. This legally binding agreement helps ensure that your helpdesk service delivers what you need at the price you’ve agreed to pay.

Gravity Helpdesk wants to help you maximize your technology ROI while also smoothing out the kinks in your IT helpdesk functions. Contact us today, and let’s talk business!


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