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Shaking the Bugs Out: How an Outsourced IT Helpdesk Can Help You Survive Your Software Launch

You did everything you could to ensure the smoothest possible launch of your latest software product or SaaS feature. You did all the usual testing, you checked the code with a fine-tooth comb, you wrote what you thought was a clear user’s guide, and you invested in an intuitive UI. So you can only sigh – or perhaps curse – when your company’s help lines light up with trouble calls from confused, frustrated customers.

Software launches commonly produce such issues, no matter how carefully try to minimize or prevent them. Many of them come down to user error, such as someone who neglected to read or follow the instructions. Others point to actual bugs in the app that you really need to iron out. Still others may actually turn out to be feature requests from customers who were expecting more than you delivered in this particular version, or who are simply ready to make suggestions for the next version. Sorting out all these incoming messages can prove exhausting for an IT team already working on the next release or the next product.

That’s why you need to put an outsourced IT helpdesk on the case, not only for your next launch but for all your future launches. An experienced, skilled team of technical assistants can answer the easy questions, troubleshoot more mysterious issues that might indicate bugs, and divert other issues such as feature requests to your core IT people. Problems get ironed out, customers get the information they need, and your company keeps on developing without missing a beat.

If you’re ready to make your software launches more streamlined and less painful, contact the outsourced IT experts at Gravity Helpdesk. We’ll be happy to help you shake the bugs out of your software launch technical support system!

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