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Potential Tax Advantages of Outsourcing Your IT Helpdesk

Tax time is always on everyone’s minds in April, of course. But as a business owner, you have to think about your organization’s taxes all year round. It’s hard to think of a business strategy that doesn’t influence a company’s tax situation either for better or for worse, directly or indirectly. One such strategy, the outsourcing of your IT helpdesk functions, can offer some significant benefits for those seeking to reduce their tax burden. Let’s take a look at the potential tax advantages you can enjoy from going with an outsourced IT helpdesk.

Anyone who has ever hired permanent employees understands the necessity of paying payroll taxes. This involves the tedious ritual of withholding a number of taxes from each employee’s paycheck, including Medicare, Social Security, and federal income taxes. (In many states, businesses must also withhold local and state taxes.) you must then pay the applicable taxes to the IRS. However, when you outsource much of your IT helpdesk burden, you’re engaging the services of another company – a company that handles its own employee tax withdrawals and payroll taxes. Meanwhile, you’re now free to maintain a smaller payroll because you don;t need as many staff technicians, thus reducing your tax liability.

Don’t forget the support team that must track those numbers. The more complex your tax situation, the more employees you may need to retain in your accounting and HR departments. That’s more workers, which of course means more payroll taxes. By keeping your IT payroll “lean and mean,” you may also be able to apply the same strategy to your overall company payroll for even tighter control over your tax burden.

Are you ready to make tax time a bit less taxing for your business? Contact Gravity Helpdesk to discuss how we can take some of your in-house payroll issues off your plate!


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