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April Fool’s Day Is Over, So Relax With These Humorous Helpdesk Stories

April Fools’ Day can be either a big laugh or a major pain, depending on whether the joke’s on you or on someone else. In the world of IT helpdesk assistance, sometimes both the technician and the person being helped get caught up in some pretty silly situations. Now that this holiday is in your rear-view mirror, you can stop worrying about intentional pranks and get a few laughs out of these humorous real-world IT helpdesk anecdotes.

Computer security is no joke, and neither is data recovery. But you have to laugh at the computer user who demanded that the helpdesk team deactivate his antivirus software long enough for him to retrieve an “essential” email – which was quarantined for containing a virus. Then there’s the employee who backed up all her files, not by moving them to other drives or the cloud, but by printing them out as paper hardcopies. And how about the trouble call from the new worker whose password “Wasn't working” because all she could see in the space was asterisks instead of the numbers and letters she’d typed in.

Some folks call for assistance because they don’t understand basic computer hardware. For instance, there was the computer user who complained that their mouse did nothing while also pointing an annoying red light into their eyes. (Yes, you’ve guessed correctly; the mouse was sitting upside down.) There was also the employee who “rebooted” their computer at their helpdesk’s request by unplugging every wire attached to it. Perhaps the strangest of all was the request from the worker who couldn’t see his power button, desktop icons, et cetera – because his computer wasn’t equipped with a monitor at the time.

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