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Telltale Signs That Your IT Team Is Overstressed

No matter how dedicated and skilled your IT people are, stress can and will degrade worker performance, especially in jobs that require technical expertise and attention to detail. You can’t afford to let your IT department run out of steam, so watch out for the following signs that these professionals are suffering from excessive stress.

Your technicians are putting in too many hours. Did you know that, according to an Australian research study, a workload of over 39 hours a week can have a serious negative impact on physical and mental wellness? That’s without even factoring in all the email, text, and voicemail checking employees may burden themselves with in their “free time.” No matter how well your team may appear to be holding up, extreme overtime could be harming these valuable employees.

Your team is making avoidable errors. Physical and mental fatigue can cause even the most brilliant IT worker to make foolish mistakes, from forgetting to log the status of a help ticket to troubleshooting the wrong issue entirely. This sloppiness can leave you with angry customers, a frustrated workplace, and nagging, unaddressed technical problems.

Your turnover rate has increased. Overworked, unhappy team members will often quit that team and look for less stressful work elsewhere. If you can’t maintain a consistent IT staff due to increased turnover, suspect stress as the cause.

If you notice these or other signs that your in-house IT staff has reached the end of its tether, give serious thought to relieving their workload by outsourcing low-level help requests to our trusty crew here at Gravity Helpdesk. We can put out those tedious, time-consuming fires for your permanent staff so they can make more efficient use of their work hours – or maybe put in fewer hours to reduce burnout and turnover. Contact us today!


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