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Halloween Is Spooky Enough Without These Helpdesk Horrors

Halloween can take many forms. Kids may view it as a time to dress up in fun costumes and team up with their friends in search of free candy. By contrast, people who take the holiday more seriously may scare themselves senseless with terrifying movies and haunted houses. If you’d prefer the former scenario to the latter, you may want to watch out for the following IT helpdesk Horrors as we head into this spooky time of year.

Helpdesk Horrors

Ghostly help tickets - Do some of your help tickets act as if they were made of ectoplasm, drifting and oozing from one technician to the next? You may suffer from shaky internal helpdesk communication that extends these issues’ lifespans unnaturally. A dedicated IT helpdesk provider can give you the smooth, seamless help ticket management your customers or employees need.

Tech problem zombies - Do you squash those low-level help tickets only to see them rise from the dead again and again? It may mean that you don’t have a practical Level 0 self-service platform in place. You need a helpdesk provider that has already addressed this issue so your end users can put an instant stop to these annoyances on their own.

Midnight madness - Is your helpdesk haunted during the dark hours of the night by help requests coming in at hours when you simply can’t provide immediate responses? If your customers or employees run into trouble during these non-business hours, you may benefit from engaging an outsourced service that can handle those requests no matter what the local time is.

You have nothing to fear when you engage the services of Gravity Helpdesk. Our top-quality, round-the-clock services can help your company get through Halloween –and every other day on the calendar – with flying colors. Contact us today, and save the scary stuff for your horror movie marathon!

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