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More Common Trouble Calls and Their Possible Solutions

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

In the past we’ve examined typical helpdesk trouble calls, from common low-level problems such as the Blue Screen of Death to the occasional oddball anecdote that generates a healthy chuckle. But all these trouble calls have one thing in common: they all have solutions, some of which may prove easier or more obvious than others. Let’s take a fresh look at some common trouble calls and their possible solutions.

The password reset problem - It’s all too easy for employees to enter the wrong password too many times or use the wrong case on a case-sensitive password. Once they get it wrong too many times, they get locked out, forcing the IT staff to step in. Provide an automated password reset tool and make sure employees know how to use it.

Trouble Calls

Slow computer versus slow Internet - You may get lots of help requests along the lines of “My computer is too slow” or “My Internet is too slow.” In reality, both of these problems may be related. A computer filled with malware may run sluggishly, or a scheduled update might be bogging things down without the user’s knowledge. Don’t forget to check whether the entire workplace has sluggish Internet, which indicates a problem with the Internet service itself.

Printers that don’t print - Sometimes a user will have trouble printing due to a driver or network issue. But many of these trouble calls boil down to simple user error. Make sure the user actually has the printer turned on, that the printer is also up and running normally, and that the paper tray has paper in it and isn’t suffering from a jam or ink shortage.

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