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Save Office Space by Outsourcing Your IT Helpdesk

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

How much of your facility’s office space are you currently using? If your business follows the current trend, the answer to that question is, “Not very much.” Over the past couple of years, employers and employees alike have grown increasingly comfortable with the hybrid or remote workplace model. In fact, a mere 11 percent of companies are actually using their facilities’ full square footage as more and more employees work from home.

This arrangement offers some obvious advantages, and not only for workers who would rather not struggle with a daily commute. Many employers now see a golden opportunity to move into smaller spaces where they can pay much lower rent and utility costs. Smaller can indeed be better in the world of big business.

IT Helpdesk

But what about those businesses that continue to pack their offices with employees? Maybe the nature of your work makes the remote or hybrid office model less than ideal. Or maybe you need to beef up your technical team but you just don’t have room without renting a larger facility. Well, don’t worry, because there’s still one way of maximizing your office space that you might not have considered – outsourcing your IT helpdesk.

Low-level help desk tickets don’t generally require any degree of on-site assistance. That means you can safely leave them to a remote provider and focus on preserving your IT department’s allocated square footage. If you’ve been maintaining a bloated IT staff simply to keep up with these simple but time-consuming calls, outsourcing to an offshore helpdesk service can give you the top-quality assistance you need while consuming less money and no extra space.

Gravity Helpdesk’s Philippines-based IT support team can help you slim down your business’s real estate footprint or at least keep it from growing unnecessarily. Contact us today and let’s discuss it!

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