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A Little Employee Education Could Eliminate a Lot of Trouble Calls

From time to time, we enjoy posting examples of hilarious real-life trouble calls to IT helpdesk technicians – not to ridicule anyone, but to illustrate how a lack of basic technical know-how contributes to the sheer volume of unnecessary extra work these technicians must contend with. (Plus, we figure stressed-out techs can always benefit from a good laugh.) But of course there’s not

hing funny about playing Whack-A-Mole with countless low-level help tickets that a little user education could eliminate. Let’s look at how you can achieve this goal.

First, you have to examine the help tickets your team receives to determine which requests merit what degree of attention and assistance. This is where you can cull the most avoidable issues from the pile and mark them as Level issues – issues that users can resolve on their own. Now you can create a knowledge database that explains these problems and offers simple troubleshooting and resolution remedies.

The next step involves making this knowledge database easily accessible to users. Since different users may absorb knowledge in different ways, consider presenting your data in a variety of formats, from FAQs and text articles to videos that show multi-step procedures in easy-to-follow detail. Add a star rating system or other feedback option so you can see how helpful or non-helpful the users find your tips, adjusting your content accordingly.

Even after you’ve put your knowledge database system in place, you’ll want to make users aware of it and guide them toward it whenever they request assistance for what should be a DIY situation. Once users know how to use the system, they’ll get into the habit of relying on it as a first response. Don’t forget to keep educating them through periodic emails and links to fresh tips.

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