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Here Come the Winter Vacation Requests: Can You Staff Your IT Helpdesk Adequately?

Winter means winter holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Day -- but in reality, these holidays are more likely to blend together into one big extended stretch of vacation time for your deserving IT employees. Of course you want to give them a much-needed break to shed the year’s accumulated stress and recharge their batteries, but what will happen to your helpdesk services in the meantime? Your organization’s employees who stay on in essential roles throughout the winter holidays will still need assistance with technical problems. If you have software customers, those customers will almost certainly demand help with some issue or other. Can your IT department run a skeleton crew and still manage to satisfy these demands?

This concern can force IT managers and/or business owners into some tight, awkward positions. If you have a reasonably large IT department, you might assume that you can spare some techs -- but a large IT department typically exists to serve a large organization, many of whom may remain on the job full-time or (even worse) hand their chairs over to inexperienced temp workers who may generate lots of Level 1 trouble calls. If you maintain a bare-bones IT department, you may have to stagger or rotate vacation hours among your techs, a situation which can promote conflict and confusion. You might even find yourself running all the IT functions by yourself, which means you can forget about a happy holiday.

Fortunately, Gravity Helpdesk can relieve you of these annoyances. We’re available all year round to take care of customers’ and employees’ needs. By letting us handle your low-level IT helpdesk tasks to us, you give your in-house staff less work to cover, allowing them to take their vacations more easily. Who knows, you might even get some time off, too!

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