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Releasing New Apps for Cyber Monday? Get Your Helpdesk Ready

Hot on the heels of Black Friday comes Cyber Monday. Review sites all over the Internet are already trumpeting the most exciting new arrivals on the app market just in time for this techie’s paradise of a holiday. If you’re in the app development or SaaS market, you may be gearing up to release your latest and greatest new offerings to coincide with Cyber Monday. But success has its price tag -- and for software providers, that price tag includes a fresh surge of help requests from beleaguered users.

The timing of Cyber Monday adds an extra wrinkle to this challenge. If some of your in-house IT staffers are taking an extra few days off following the Thanksgiving weekend, you’ll have even fewer technicians than usual on hand to field those help requests. A catastrophic customer service failure at this early stage of the game could put a serious dent in the short-term prospects for your new software’s success.

Now’s the time to beef up your resources by engaging Gravity Helpdesk’s services. Our skilled, friendly technicians and proven helpdesk processes can ensure that confused or frustrated early adopters of your software will get their questions answered and their problems solved as efficiently and professionally as possible. You can assign all your helpdesk functions to us, or you can augment your team of in-house helpdesk workers with the extra hands you need, not just during a holiday but anytime you decide to release a new application or platform.

Do you want to reap all the benefits of a successful Cyber Monday while minimizing the IT helpdesk hassles that may follow? Don’t force your one team to work through the holidays or try to handle everything with a skeleton crew. Contact Gravity Helpdesk today so we can make sure you’re ready to move that new product!

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