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Outsourced Helpdesk Services for a Happier Thanksgiving

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

From all of us here at Gravity Helpdesk, we’d like to wish you a happy Thanksgiving! Or at least we hope you’re ready to settle back with family and friends and enjoy the holiday instead of worrying about work issues -- such as the state of your IT helpdesk services. If you always feel a twinge of concern every time a major holiday comes along and your regular team starts taking their vacation hours, you should know that the right outsourced IT helpdesk provider can help to ensure “business as usual” for your company. Here are just a couple of ways you and your employees can benefit from this arrangement.

Your core workers can keep working smoothly - A temporary reduction in IT staff doesn’t have to result in a logjam of unresolved helpdesk tickets and unproductive employees stumped by their own technology. If your business needs to keep running smoothly throughout the Thanksgiving holiday, then you need a helpdesk solution that can prevent any serious disruption in your normal IT capabilities and response times. When you have an outsourced IT team ready to step in and fill the gaps, you can rest a lot easier during your own days off knowing that low-level problems are getting solved.

Temp employees can get situated more easily. Does your company typically bring in temp workers to fill various positions during the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas, when so many permanent employees like to use all their accumulated vacation time? If so, then you already know to expect plenty of low-level trouble calls regarding password usage, program access, and questions about unfamiliar hardware. This is another situation where an outsourced IT helpdesk can come to your rescue by addressing these simple issues -- while your reduced in-house IT team focuses on more complex problems.

Have a truly happy Thanksgiving -- with a little help from Gravity Helpdesk!

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