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Have You Lost Technicians to the "Great Resignation?" Outsource Your Helpdesk

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

The world of employment has changed drastically in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. You may have read countless articles about the “Nahployment Crisis,” in which many minimum-wage workers have decided that they’d rather not return to their low-paying jobs. But it isn’t just the burger-flippers of the world who have decided that their current employment just isn’t worth all the strain and stress. Trained, experienced technicians are also fleeing for greener pastures in a movement sometimes referred to as “the Great Resignation.”

IT workers aren’t simply opting to sit at home; they’re actively seeking other careers or workplaces that will help them pursue a less exhausting routine. (In fact, 95 percent of the nation’s workers are considering the same thing.) Where has this sudden technical disgruntlement come from? The pandemic itself prompted it by forcing so many organizations in all industries -- from school systems and hospitals to office environments worldwide -- to adapt to a virtual workplace. This shift threw technicians into high gear and kept them there as they beefed up network connections, helped businesses get the hang of video conferencing software, and established new remote desktop and other essential forms of connectivity.

If you want to keep your remaining IT in place, you need to provide them with a work environment that supports mental health, stress reduction, and flexible schedules. Outsourcing your helpdesk functions can aid this effort tremendously. When you have a skilled outsourced team handling your low-level help tickets, your in-house IT staff will have more breathing room to concentrate on a smaller number of more interesting challenges -- with some extra time left over to actually have a life. Contented employees stay put, do better work, and help you survive whatever the future may throw at you.

Contact Gravity Helpdesk today to discuss outsourcing your helpdesk tasks. We’ll help you weather the Great Resignation!

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