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The Most Common IT Helpdesk Requests

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

IT workers face a variety of help requests from employees or customers, including low-level problems with obvious solutions. Let’s look at some common IT helpdesk requests and their equally common answers.

Access Issues

An inability to login may prove as simple as an expired password due to too many faulty entries. If your employees can’t remember passwords well enough to enter them accurately, it’s time to institute the use of secure password generators, which also have the advantage of ensuring that your workers aren’t using ridiculously hackable phrases or number sequences.

Hardware Headaches

A single failed hardware component or misconfigured driver can result in the Blue Screen of Death. In such cases, a quick, easy driver update or part replacement can often resolve the issue. Other common complaints involve computers that run sluggishly (which may indicate malware issues) and computers that suddenly shut down (a potential overheating or ventilation problem).

Non-Working Networks

If you get multiple helpdesk requests involving lack of network connectivity, you may need to check for and eliminate a virus. If people in certain parts of a building complain about poor WiFi performance, the building itself may be interfering with their connectivity, which means that relocating them may solve the problem. If you get help tickets about spotty, on-and-off wireless network performance, you may need to unburden an overloaded router.

File Follies

Anyone can accidentally close a file without saving their work or even delete important documents by mistake. That’s when your IT system’s automated backup systems can prove a lifesaver. Alternatively, you may need to walk the worker through the backup and recovery options included in the program they were using at the time of the mistake.

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