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Trouble Finding (and Keeping) Good Help? Rely on an Outsourced IT Helpdesk Instead

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

“It’s impossible to get good help these days.” This hackneyed phrase has popped up in countless situations, from books, movies, and TV shows to everyday conversations among business owners and managers. These days, it’s also becoming an increasingly common phrase among IT departments. If you’ve found yourself struggling to fill gaping holes in your IT department and then keep them filled with skilled personnel, you may want to consider the huge advantages of delegating a big portion of those functions -- namely, your IT helpdesk -- ton outsourced provider.

As we’ve mentioned previously, COVID-related trends such as the “Great Resignation” have seen tech employees moving into different kinds of technology positions or even entirely different careers. Helpdesks throughout North America are experiencing an astounding 40 percent turnover rate, so if your own IT department seems to have grown a new revolving door, you’re far from alone in this complaint.

It isn’t just a matter of IT employees exiting en masse; it’s also a matter of hiring and training new employees, only to have them ditch your organization so that you have to repeat this time-consuming, expensive cycle again and again. In the meantime, the workers and/or customers who make use of your helpdesk services experience all kinds of hassles and frustrations as they deal with one new guy after another, instead of having experienced experts handling their needs.

How does outsourcing your IT helpdesk eliminate these problems? For one thing, it takes you completely out of the hiring and firing loop, enabling your HR department to focus on recruitment for more high-level positions. It also ensures a steady, consistent level of expertise, with any new hire training handled by the outsource provider, not you. If you’re ready to stabilize your IT department, contact Gravity Helpdesk and let us provide that good help you’re struggling to find!

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