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Identifying (and Correcting) User Error IT Problems

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Computer techs and computer users alike would agree that the “best” kind of technical problems are the ones that lend themselves to the simplest solutions. Most everyday technical issues encountered in the workplace stem, not from serious or complicated problems in the system itself, but to standard-issue user error.

While computer users may not like hearing that their own mistakes have created their technical problem, they also benefit from the fact that skilled helpdesk technicians can walk them through those mistakes and reverse-engineer them back into a productive state. Here are some common helpdesk complaints that may point toward user errors with simple solutions.

  • “The computer lights up, but I’m not seeing anything on the monitor.” Believe it or not, many people forget that their computer monitors work as separate devices with their own on-off switches.

  • “The computer won’t boot up at all.” While it’s possible that a power failure either inside the computer or within the building’s electrical system may have failed, it’s also possible that the employee simply kicked the power plug out of its socket.

  • “My mouse doesn’t work properly.” In some cases, the mouse cable has gotten unplugged from the computer. In others, the employee simply assumes failure because the mouse has reached the end of the mousepad. Yes, you may actually need to tell people to reposition their mouse to extend the cursor movement across the screen.

  • “I can’t find my files, and I know I saved them.” There have actually been cases in which employees “saved” their files to the trash instead of the intended file folder or desktop. Ask them to check their trash (without emptying it!) to see whether the lost files are sitting there.

Gravity Helpdesk can identify and fix all kinds of simple but annoying issues caused by user error. Contact us today!

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