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Practical Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Helpdesk

You may already understand that an outsourced helpdesk provider can help your IT department offer higher standards of customer satisfaction and employee service. At the same time, the ability to hand off low-level help tickets spares your in-house techs a lot of extra labor and “brain drain.” However, there are other practical benefits to this arrangement that may never have occurred to you. Let’s take a quick look at a few of those extra advantages.

More elbow room in your IT center - The larger an IT staff you must maintain within your facility, the less square footage you can spare for each technician. Your IT needs may expand even as your facility remains the same size, resulting in a crowded, hard-to-navigate IT center. Shift some of that IT burden to an outsourced provider, and you can stop stuffing your building with unnecessary in-house personnel.

Fewer infrastructure requirements - That inflated IT staff doesn’t just require extra space – it also requires additional technology infrastructure. Every time you bring new technicians onboard, you must equip those technicians with workstations, network connectivity, desk space, and other professional essentials. Your outsourced IT helpdesk team already has all the tools they need in their remote facility, allowing you to check another hefty expense category off your list.

Lower utility bills - Don’t forget about the impact an unnecessarily large IT staff can make on your utility bills. More in-house technicians means a larger space, which in turn means more money spent on heating, air conditioning, water usage, not to mention all the extra energy required by those additional workstations and servers. An outsourced IT helpdesk can help you keep this aspect of your operational overhead under tighter control.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of more effective IT performance and more efficient facility operation? Contact Gravity Helpdesk today!

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