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Level 0: DIY Problem-Solving Services and Strategies

Have you ever gotten the customer service or troubleshooting help you needed through a handy chat box, FAQ page, social media link, or article database? If so, then you’ve experienced first hand the power and efficiency of Level 0 helpdesk care. Don’t let the “0” fool you into thinking that this level of assistance is somehow meaningless or trivial. A properly built and maintained Level 0 platform can solve an astonishing number of problems for your clients and/or employees without tying up your technicians at all.

When many people think of IT support, they envision interactions with live technicians via email, phone, or chat. We would classify these interactions as Level 1 and up. However, many common problems don’t actually require this degree of interaction because the information needed to resolve them is readily available. Theoretically, any question or problem that users can resolve on their own (with perhaps a bit of automated guidance to point the way) belongs in the Level 0 category.

● How do you make this DIY support accessible? Examples include:

● A searchable database of blog posts, articles, and other support documents.

● A Frequently Asked Questions page on your website or Intranet site that offers ready solutions and explanations to common issues.

● Support forums and social media platforms that allow individuals to post questions and interact with knowledgeable peers on specific subjects.

● An automated chat box programmed to provide the right answers to common questions and guide the user through the troubleshooting process until the issue gets resolved or clearly calls for escalation.

Ideally, you want to create an array of multiple options to make your Level 0 support as comprehensive and easy-to-use as possible for the widest range of people. Gravity Helpdesk can equip you with these solutions, so contact us to “zero out” these IT headaches!


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