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State of the Helpdesk, Part 1: Evaluating Your Helpdesk Efficiency

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’ve undoubtedly picked up a few problem-solving skills and insights. Of course, the first step in solving any kind of problem involves identifying that problem. It’s possible to live with an underperforming IT helpdesk, for instance, without recognizing the flaws that keep that helpdesk (and by extension, your entire IT department) from functioning at optimal productivity. Let’s look at some key points to look for in evaluating your IT helpdesk’s efficiency.

Time wasted on frequently asked questions - Do your helpdesk workers complain that they’re constantly having to reinvent the wheel by answering the exact same questions again and again? This endless cycle takes valuable time and prevents your technicians from solving more complex problems. So while you’re hammering out the same low-level issues over and over, higher-level issues may be going unaddressed.

Sluggish helpdesk ticket processing - Even simple trouble calls can turn into massive headaches once they really start to stack up. If you only have so many IT professionals to assign to these trouble calls, you’ll see delays in helpdesk ticket processing that result in unreasonable or even impossible backlogs.

Disorganized helpdesk data - The lack of a single, integrated helpdesk solution may have left help tickets and related customer data scattered across a variety of programs and platforms, from spreadsheets and emails to online database platforms. This disorganized approach forces techs to dig through the various options, rescuing bits of pieces of important information (assuming they can even locate them) and wasting tons of time in the process.

In our next post, we’ll talk about how you can fix these issues. In the meantime, contact Gravity Helpdesk so we can evaluate your situation and find specific solutions to your IT helpdesk efficiency challenges.

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