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State of the Helpdesk, Part 2: Steps Toward a Better Helpdesk Solution

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

In our previous post, we looked at some key indicators that your IT helpdesk solution may have some serious holes in it -- efficiency drainers that hurt your efforts to provide timely, effective technical solutions for your employees or customers. This time, let’s examine some smart changes that could help you take your helpdesk efficiency to a whole new level.

Use KPIs to set and track helpdesk functions - If you’re not tracking how effectively your IT helpdesk functions operate, you won’t even know where to begin when it’s time to make improvements. Establish and monitor a set of key performance indicators such as time to completion, first contact times, wait times, and ticket churn. If you don’t like the numbers you get from these KPIs, you may need a dedicated outsourced solution.

Step up to automated helpdesk software - Automation of specific IT helpdesk tasks and systems can make all the difference in speeding up your response times and producing more satisfactory results. Outsourced IT helpdesk providers use state-of-the-art automated programs to help their human technicians prioritize tickets, assign those tickets to specific operators, and maintain running commentaries and document attachments that illustrate the progress of each ticket in detail.

Add self-help technology to your low-level troubleshooting arsenal - Did you know that many of the most common questions and problems can be solved by the people logging the help requests? Consider handing these issues over to an outsourced IT helpdesk service that offers automated self-help options such as chat boxes and FAQ databases. If human intervention becomes necessary, our experienced specialists can always step in.

You may have figured out by now that you can put all these changes to work for you simply by contacting Gravity Helpdesk. We specialize in exactly these solutions and technologies -- and we even do the work for you!

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