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Need a Complete RMM/PSA Stack? Outsource It and Save Money

Productivity and efficiency are critical qualities for any IT department that provides managed services such as helpdesk support. Two major tools for streamlining your department’s problem-solving powers include remote monitoring and management (RMM) and professional services automation (PSA). Let’s examine what these two productivity boosters cover how they work together, and how you can take advantage of them as cost-effectively as possible.

RMM and PSA tools overlap somewhat in the benefits they offer, potentially confusing those trying to determine which they need more or which to invest in first. In a nutshell, RMM tools perform the jobs, and PSA tools track those jobs. RMM software can monitor and execute functions across multiple devices, collecting data from diverse sources and displaying it in an easy-to-understand dashboard. It can also run screen sharing and remote support operations to help you resolve trouble calls. PSA software can track new and continuing help tickets (including the status of unanswered or unresolved help requests) while also performing knowledge management, time logging, and password management tasks. When you put both of these software tools together, you’ve got a powerful supplement to your IT helpdesk system.

All this may sound great, but what’s the catch? Well, there’s one big barrier to the simultaneous implementation of RMM and PSA tools, which may make this goal seem impossible for many IT departments – the money and resources involved. But don’t fret, because you can always avail yourself of a complete RMM/PSA stack simply by outsourcing this need to your friends at Gravity Helpdesk. By putting our RMM/PSA stack to work for your IT helpdesk purposes, you can save big on the total cost of ownership (TCO) while still benefiting from the full “horsepower '' of this remarkably effective helpdesk management combo. Contact us to learn more and get started!!

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