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Benefits of an Online Knowledge Base

In your efforts to provide high-quality, responsive IT helpdesk services, do you get the impression that you’re constantly re-inventing the wheel? Let’s face it, most low-level trouble calls in particular are just variations on the same old theme: Somebody lost their password, somebody can’t access the printer; somebody received a common error message and can’t make head or tail of it. Don’t you wish you could streamline your ability to put out these fires once and for all? Well, you can – if you have a strong online knowledge base ready to go.

Simply put, an online knowledge base is a stockpile of quick answers to those frequently asked questions that have relatively easy answers. In fact, you can actually include FAQ pages in it, along with instructional articles, videos, digital manuals, DIY tutorials, and any other easily-accessed solution sources. As you notice certain low-level issues occurring over and over, you add fresh solutions to your knowledge base until you’ve got a genuinely comprehensive self-service system in place.

This self-service approach offers numerous benefits, both to your IT department and to those in need of assistance. Research shows the majority of customers and workers would prefer to fix their issues themselves instead of relying on others. An online knowledge base empowers them 24/7 and makes them feel like they’re getting faster answers to their questions. On your side of the interface, the online knowledge base greatly reduces the time and effort your IT staff need to invest in easily-resolved issues. It also cuts out the redundancy and waste of constantly re-solving a problem that was already solved the first time someone brought it up.

Don’t have an online knowledge base? Gravity Helpdesk does, and we get great results from it – so why not just rely on us for your IT helpdesk needs?

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