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How Much Would That In-House IT Hire Actually Cost You?

Employee turnover happens all the time in all kinds of industries, including IT. But before you fire up the recruiting engine and work on finding a new permanent in-house team member -- are you sure it’s the cost-effective answer to your staffing shortage? Let’s examine some of the hidden (and unhidden) expenses associated with hiring in-house IT personnel.

  • Recruitment - Simply searching for a new IT hire can cost a business thousands of dollars when all is said and done. In addition to the costs of advertising the position, you may need to pay a third-party recruiting firm or sink some of your HR department’s productivity into conducting interviews and processing resumes.

  • Salary and benefits - The average IT helpdesk professional in Austin commands a starting salary of $63,206 per year. But you won’t even attract that employee unless you also offer a sweet benefits package, which may boost this overall expense to 1.4 times the base salary figure.

  • Training - The average business spends $1,286 on each and every new employee’s training. The training process itself may require dozens of hours that might otherwise go toward everyday productivity, involving both the trainee’s time and that of the individuals assigned to train that trainee.

  • Break-even - Your new hire can easily take a few months (or even longer) to achieve the degree of efficiency and productivity that your IT department needs. During those months, you’re losing money.

  • Turnover - Sadly, your average Millennial new hire only spends about three years in a given position before moving on to a different position, company, or industry. At that point, you have to start the whole expensive hiring cycle from scratch.

You can save yourself a lot of money by relying on Gravity Helpdesk’s team for much of your day-to-day IT work. Just reach out to us!

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