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Best Foot Forward: What Your IT Helpdesk Says About Your Customer Service

An IT department may offer different kinds of assistance to different groups of people. Your IT team undoubtedly answers the usual range of internal trouble calls from company employees. But if you also provide software development or SaaS, your team may also field questions, concerns, and complaints from end users and other individuals outside your organization. As a result, your IT helpdesk doesn’t just play a “fix-it” role -- it also plays a critical role in selling your company by providing an expected standard of customer service.

Think about the experience from the outsider’s point of view. A customer purchases your product or service, excited by its possibilities, only to encounter obstacles to its smooth setup and/or operation. Sluggish response times, communication problems, and inconsistent performance from one helpdesk worker to the next can make your customer angry, frustrated, discouraged -- and potentially no longer a customer. Even the most wonderfully full-featured product or service isn’t worth buying or using if much-needed technical support for it proves too much of a hassle to bother with. So the product or service fails, and your brand takes a hit it could do without.

By contrast, what does superior IT helpdesk support say about your company? Timely responses to trouble calls say that you genuinely care about customers’ distress. Fluent, clear, polite communication minimizes further frustration and reassures the customer that a resolution is forthcoming. A system that features thorough documentation and project management ensures that no matter who your customer talks to from call to call, the problem’s escalation and resolution proceeds smoothly and efficiently.

If you want to keep your customers thinking of your business and brand in a positive light, invest in a dedicated, outsourced IT helpdesk provider who specializes in delighting people and solving problems. Contact Gravity Helpdesk today!

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