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Helpdesk Services for Remote Workers: Challenges and Solutions

The typical household study, bedroom, or living room has now become the modern workplace as more and more employees do their daily work from home. This arrangement can go surprisingly smoothly, but technical problems can still develop – and when they do, remote workers need to know they can rely on your IT helpdesk. Let’s look at some of the special considerations involved with supporting remote workers.

The BYOD problem - BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) traditionally means employees using their own mobile devices for work. But for a team of remote workers, it may also refer to the home PCs and laptops they use to connect to your online servers and work platforms. Sloppy security measures such as deactivated firewalls and neglected backups can create extra headaches for IT helpdesk professionals dealing with malware breaches and other remote worker problems. If you don’t provide company-issued devices to get around this challenge, your IT helpdesk staff must be prepared to troubleshoot a wide range of security-related issues.

Social engineering threats - Whether your remote workers use their own devices or yours, they may still fall prey to social engineering threats from hackers who know that more people are working from home and over their mobile phones these days. These workers may not practice the same care and diligence that they would in a supervised in-house environment. Even if they do, the ever-growing number of malware and ransomware attacks cleverly disguised as trustworthy information may fool them into letting their devices get sabotaged. Your IT helpdesk must be up to date on these fresh threats and know how to address them (or escalate them) properly.

If you want top-quality IT helpdesk support for your remote team, turn to our remote team at Gravity Helpdesk. We offer troubleshooting and problem-solving expertise for all kinds of work environments!

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