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Figuring Out What You Need From an Outsourced IT Helpdesk

The time has finally come: You need an outsourced IT helpdesk. Thankfully, you can get the help you need through a top-quality outsourced IT helpdesk service provider like Gravity Helpdesk. First, however, you need to consider exactly what you need this outsourced service to do for you. Take the following examples as food for thought.

Internal support vs. end-user support - Old-school outsourced IT helpdesk services focused exclusively on resolving internal issues that an in-house team would fix if they only had the time and manpower. Today’s outsourced IT helpdesk services can also help app developers and other SaaS companies solve low-level issues reported by their end users. Do you need one, the other, or both?

Ongoing support vs. occasional support - One lovely plus of hiring an outsourced IT helpdesk service lies in its 24-hour availability. Even if you don’t expect trouble calls at 3 a.m., you might reap tremendous benefits from having constant, ongoing support at your command. On the other hand, you might be doing pretty well at handling everyday trouble calls but get swamped when big projects or seasonal demands raise their ugly heads. Decide which level of helpdesk support best suits your needs.

Streamlined help ticket management - When you choose an outsourced IT helpdesk, you want to know that those help tickets are getting resolved quickly and correctly. Look for a provider that makes use of multiple response channels (text messages, automated helpers, email, phone, etc.), giving end users a variety of ways to get the help they need. Make sure your provider has a strong internal communications system for its tech support team, along with a centralized knowledge base so everyone’s working from the same playbook.

Still not sure what specific features and services you want in an outsourced IT helpdesk? Contact us and let’s discuss it!

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