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How Secure Is Your In-House IT Helpdesk?

If you have an IT department that deals with common technical needs and tasks on a daily basis, you probably understand the critical importance of maintaining data security. But even after taking the usual precautions, your IT team could still suffer from a weak leak: helpdesk security vulnerabilities that can compromise data compliance and privacy. Let’s take a look at how your IT helpdesk might open you up to serious security issues and how to stop the trouble before it can start.

Take one of the most common help requests, the password reset. How do your helpdesk technicians verify the identity of incoming phone calls asking for assistance? Phone numbers, email addresses, or employee IDs can be spoofed easily enough by the bad guys. Your helpdesk workers may need to employ additional security measures by asking for more personal information or even calling the person back at the phone extension your department has on file.

What about compliance? Your IT helpdesk workers need to follow the rules and regulations of your particular industry, whether we’re talking ISO standards or HIPAA requirements. A breach of sensitive legal or medical information in the course of troubleshooting or other interactions could have disastrous consequences for your company as well as the person asking for help.

Then there’s the matter of social engineering attacks. An angry or hysterical “employee” or “customer” can deliver an emotional beatdown on helpdesk technicians who don’t know how to recognize and deal with such attempts to obtain sensitive data. And who has more access to sensitive data than someone who resolves help requests all day long?

If you really want to feel at ease about the security of your low-level helpdesk functions, leave them to the trained, cautious, dedicated professionals at Gravity Helpdesk. We know how to fix things the safe, secure way!


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