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Don’t Let These Hassles Sabotage Your Helpdesk Efficiency

Efficiency and productivity are magic words in any industry – and, of course, in the technical services that support those industries. You don’t just want to solve common IT help requests as thoroughly and successfully as possible; you also want to get each request resolved quickly and efficiently. Ask yourself whether your IT department struggles with the following hassles.

Constant interruptions - Technical problems and challenges can vary widely in complexity. It’s little wonder, then, that your senior IT people can’t resolve the difficult issues if they’re constantly getting interrupted with phone calls and emails reporting low-level issues that require immediate attention. The most time-consuming examples involve lengthy phone calls that cause help queues to back up into unmanageable traffic jams.

Solving problems from scratch (again and again) - Do your technicians feel like they’re living in the movie “Groundhog Day” because they’re sending the exact same problems through the same troubleshooting process again and again? In many cases, this endless loop occurs when techs fail to keep track of the specific equipment assets involved. For instance, if the same workstation or server keeps causing problems for different users, your team needs to track that trend.

Lengthy resolution times - Help tickets that take forever to resolve can pose as many challenges for your IT team as the need to keep solving the same problem over and over. In many cases, these failures stem from help ticket management measures that simply eat up more time and effort than they should. For instance, if your helpdesk team has to sift through piles of internal and external emails to fix problems, those problems may drag on forever.

You can take most of these hassles off your plate simply by engaging an outsourced IT helpdesk provider such as Gravity Helpdesk. Ask us about our experienced technicians and proven, streamlined processes!


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