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This Halloween, Banish These Gremlins From Your Helpdesk Operations

Halloween has traditionally offered an opportunity for enjoying some harmless “Boo” factor in our lives, featuring images of ghosts, witches, and monsters that provoke smiles as well as scares. But there’s nothing amusing about the various gremlins that can afflict your IT helpdesk operations. Let’s take a look at a few of these frightening threats and how you can exorcise them from your business.

Ghostly disappearing data - Few situations frustrate customers and employees more than the need to keep filing help request after help request due to unanswered calls or incomplete responses. Who’s working on the latest tickets? What’s the status of those tickets? What are you learning from your trouble calls and their solutions? If you’re letting this valuable information vanish into thin air, you need a more solid helpdesk strategy.

A Frankenstein of stitched-together solutions - Did you scramble to assemble your IT helpdesk system in a manner more befitting Dr. Frankenstein’s patchwork approach to monster creation? If you’re struggling to solve your helpdesk needs with an ill-fitting combination of email, spreadsheets, and rotating assignments to various techs who may not communicate well with each other from one ticket to the next, it’s time to bring all those functions into one cohesive whole.

Time and effort vampires - IT helpdesk demands can sap valuable resources from your technology team just as cryptojacking can steal processor cycles from your computers -- slowly and insidiously, but with a clear impact over time. If your technicians already have their hands full with high-level problem solving and project planning or management, you can’t afford to let low-level helpdesk stuff drain their time, energy, and brainpower.

Gravity Helpdesk can help take the gremlins out of your IT system this Halloween season. Don’t be scared -- contact us today and ask about our outsourced IT helpdesk services!

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