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Helpdesk Humor to Lighten Your IT Department’s Mood

Let’s face it: The world of information technology can be stressful, especially for those employees tasked with helpdesk services. In addition to the stress generated by the technical issues themselves, your team members may also find themselves absorbing the frustration of the people they’re trying to help. At the same time, however, the sheer oddity of some of these scenarios can offer their own share of laughs. If you and your IT colleagues could use something to lighten the mood, you may enjoy the following humorous examples from your friends at Gravity Helpdesk.

The Trash Is Not an Archive

You may (or may not) find this one hard to believe, but it does happen. A helpdesk worker responds to a trouble call from a panicked computer user who can’t find her archived files anywhere on her workstation; as far as she can tell, they’ve simply vanished into thin air. The helpdesk worker asks what folder the employee has been using to archive her files. “Why, the trashcan file on the desktop, of course,” replies the employee.

F1 Won’t Put You Through to the Helpdesk

No one can use an IT helpdesk without knowing how to contact that helpdesk -- but confused computer users can try some pretty strange means of making contact. One such anecdotal example involves the employee who confronts a passing helpdesk staffer for not coming to the rescue sooner, claiming that they called for help hours ago. How did they make that help request? By pressing the F1 button on the keyboard over and over again, that’s how.

These are just a couple of funny examples demonstrating the up-and-down world of IT helpdesk work. If you’d like to spend more of your time resolving more serious issues, contact us and let us remove much of this weirdness from your daily routine!

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