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Signs That You Need to Upgrade From Your Current IT Helpdesk Setup

Many mighty business empires have started from humble origins, adapting to their changing needs as they grow. Sometimes this adaptation proceeds smoothly and proportionately; at other times, certain aspects of growth outpace others, leaving operational areas that no longer provide the solutions needed. If you started out as a mom-and-pop company and then experienced rapid expansion, you may find that your IT helpdesk setup no longer keeps up with your customers’ or employees’ influx of trouble calls. Watch out for these signs that it’s time to step up your helpdesk game.

You can’t track your helpdesk tickets properly - That spreadsheet you originally employed to record helpdesk ticket requests and track their progress may feel awfully awkward and time consuming by now. Worse, you may find it impossible to extract meaningful analytics from those antiquated sheets. An automated helpdesk system makes much more sense once you’re handling requests on a regular basis.

Your helpdesk email solution isn’t much of a solution - Are you still relying on a shared email inbox for all your incoming help requests? This old-school method might give you a basic idea of the requests that have come in, but you’ll be hard pressed to figure out who’s working on each request and how far they’ve gotten. Again, you need a dedicated automated helpdesk system.

You simply can’t spare the people anymore - As your enterprise takes on new functions, creates new products, and embarks on increasingly massive projects, those low-level trouble calls that didn’t seem so distracting may now prove impossible to fulfill because you just can’t spare the technicians to work on them.

If you’ve outgrown your current IT helpdesk setup, contact Gravity Helpdesk. Our skilled team can take care of your trouble calls and help tickets while you focus on getting bigger and better than ever!

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