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The Impact of Good (and Bad) SaaS Tech Support

When your business revolves around Software as a Service (SaaS), you’ve got to convince users not only that your software will do what they need, but also that they can get prompt, effective solutions to any issues that might pop up. Even long-time customers may drift away from you if you’re not giving them support they feel they deserve. Let’s take a closer look at how the quality of your tech support affects your SaaS business.

Customer service in general can make all the difference in a company’s fortunes. Businesses in all industries lose an estimated $75 billion per year as a direct result of poor customer service that drives buyers away from their brands. Customers have come to realize that they have choices – and 67 percent of them switch freely from one brand or product to another based on the quality of the customer service they’re getting. To make matters worse, the majority of disgruntled customers will tell others about their upsetting customer service experiences.

Now consider the benefits of good customer service. 89 percent of customers who have a good customer service experience will buy from that provider again, while a whopping 94 percent will recommend the provider to others. In short, your SaaS tech support can either shrink your customer base or serve as a brand ambassador.

Efficiency is crucial. Over two-thirds of SaaS customers actually prefer self-service options to dealing with live tech support operators, and 91 percent of them will happily use a knowledge database. That means you’d better have your database ready to go and easy to find. It also means that your live team had better stand ready to solve problems quickly.

Gravity Helpdesk can ensure that your SaaS customers enjoy top-class tech support. Contact us so we can help you grow and maintain your success!

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