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First Call Resolution: What It Means and How to Achieve It

If you’ve ever spent loads of time and multiple calls

or emails trying to get a technical problem resolved, you can appreciate the value of first call resolution (FCR). A high FCR rate not only helps employees get back to work more quickly and frees up your technical assistance bandwidth; in a SaaS environment, it can reduce customer churn by 67 percent. Let’s look at some things you can do to boost your FCR.

First, you need to define what qualifies as FCR in your IT department. For example, if you establish a 24-hour window for resolving a help ticket, then two or more calls within that period still count toward successful FCR as long as they end up resolving the issue. However, to make this approach work for you, your helpdesk team needs to pool their skills and knowledge, even though the technician who originally fields the help ticket takes ownership of the issue.

Employees or customers empowered to resolve their own technical problems can actually accomplish your FCR for you. But to make that possible, you need to invest in the necessary self-help interfaces, a well-stocked knowledge base, and other DIY resources.

What about those recurring issues that seem to flood your helpdesk from all directions? Sure, you might resolve them in one go, but why make the same fix over and over? Check to see whether there’s some system-wide glitch that needs addressing. You might find that you can put a stop to a whole stampede of lookalike trouble calls this way.

If you really want to optimize your FCR, you need a dedicated team of technicians with the right training, background, skills, and tools. Thes easiest way to achieve that is by working with Gravity Helpdesk, where we have everything you need to resolve problems with maximum efficiency!

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